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Since we were set up in 1956, we have worked for taken part in trade fairs throughout the world. Always in the front line… whether with stands in Milan or High Point in North Carolina (where we have taken part without a break for twenty years with a 1000 m2 building), or the first at Crocus in Moscow. This is also typical of Italian style, proudly showing off what we have designed and made. For example, in our exclusive showroom at 200 Lexington Avenue, New York, in London, or Japan, or Canada, or even Russia.

When making a piece of top quality you can never relax for a moment. Each instant, each process, is essential. Of course, today the machines are an exceptional help. But we can never abandon the delicate touch which can only come from the hand of man. All our joiners know the wood like the individual characteristics of a living creature, love its smell, caress its veins gently. Bring out its full potential. Choose. We think it is only right and proper that, here, our family should pay tribute to their skill with a heartfelt thank you to all our joiners.

自1956年成立以来,Giorgio Collection曾在世界各地参加交易会。无论是在米兰还是在北卡罗来纳州的高点家具展,或第一次在莫斯科的CROCUS 国际展览中心亮相,Giorgio Collection一直都在行业的前沿。Giorgio Collection自豪地向世界展示公司设计和制造的产品。Giorgio Collection在纽约列克星敦大道200号,伦敦或日本,或者加拿大,甚至俄罗斯都有展厅。

生产一件高品质的产品是不容有任何松懈的。每一个瞬间,每一个过程,都是至关重要的。当然,如今机器是一个特殊的帮手。但永远替代不来手工制造的细腻质感。Giorgio Collection参与生产的人员都像了解某个生物个体一样去了解木材,喜爱它的气味,触摸它的脉络,尽量挖掘它全部的潜力,精挑细选。

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