Brand Description

It was 1949, and instead of approaching the increasing market that revolved around reconstruction of the country through buildings, machinery and furniture – typical post-war growth sectors, especially in the Val d’Elsa – Egizia began writing an important page in the history of decorative aesthetics. Young art school graduates, specialised workers and office staff, all with a shared passion and technical expertise, took the company to top quality levels, notable results and growing recognition on the market. The most recent management evolution, investments in new premises and increasingly refined technology – over and above the search for recognisable and functional design – have been linked with the artistic talent and crafts ability of the resources created and in force within the company.

Egizia’s contemporary and classic lines, together with the exclusive ones created for prestigious national and international brands and designers, are known and appreciated worldwide: the best confirmation of an important sixty-five years of work.

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