Brand Description
JC Passion was founded in the year 2006 through the experience gained by Jumbo Collection, a leading company in luxury classic furniture for 28 years.
JC Passion is a line of furniture created to meet new needs and trends that have emerged in the furniture sector in recent years.
The return to a marked decorative sensitivity has encouraged the company to develop several experiments in order to anticipate and understand these emerging trends, achieving a new “post-decorative” style.
The main intention is to harmonise modern formal shapes with details and finishes referring to classical decorative elements, which are reinterpreted and adapted in original and new combinations.
JC Passion collections develop from the combination of these two trends, to best interpret the mood of contemporary living, while still maintaining a strong connection with the shapes and decorations of the past.
JC Passion highest-quality production is certified 100% Made in Italy

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