RIVA 1920
Brand Description

Everything starts in 1920s, when my grandfather Nino and my dad Mario began our company adventure.

I started working and learning the first secrets of wood carving with my dad and brother Maurizio. At that time already our furniture had natural finishes.

We could have chosen a far simpler way of working, using other materials, such as those easier to work with. Instead, we decided to work with solid wood, the most unpredictable one.

Following our project of producing high-quality furniture, the year 1992 has marked a key turning point in Riva: in a few months our craftsman’s studio turned into a company with 30 collaborators. In the same year, we exhibited at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan for the first time.

In 1992 we designed, sorry my brother Maurizio designed the first real collection of our company. In the meantime we started our collaboration with several designers and our brand name changed from Riva Arredamenti to R1920.

Brand Logo