Brand Description

Modà rediscovers the fairy tales’ world in an uncommon interpretation marked out by the POP ART style with scenes and characters by the ‘MANGA’ style: the new collection Moda’rte Fairy Tailer is born.

For this uncommon project, Modà relies once more on the artist Marco Minotti, a cosmopolitan painter whose style is absolutely particular so to create unique trendy pieces.

The Art’s glamour together to the Modà’s oddness give to the Modà Limited Edition pieces a strong personality and a nice ironic touch.

The Modà Limited Edition is a collection for all the POP ART followers and for everyone who wants to have something absolutely exclusive and different to highlight each own home.



Modà以波普艺术风格来呈现漫画场景和漫画人物的另类方式,重新诠释了童话的世界:新的Moda'rte童话系列就此诞生。对于如此独特的系列,Modà采用了艺术家Marco Minotti的作品为题材。他是一个国际性的画家,风格独特。艺术的魅力加上Modà本身的奇妙元素赋予了Modà限量版家具极强的个性化以及些许嘲讽的意味。该Modà限量版系列家具是献给所有波普艺术追随者和每一个希望拥有绝对独有且与众不同的家具来点亮自己的房子的人。

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